06 August 2007


In case you're planning a change of profession, and have finally zeroed in on becoming a parking attender or a security guard who's in charge of a parking lot, here's the one and only thing that they teach you during training, the only rule you will have to follow to the point of obsession if you plan to stay in the race and/or garner respect from your future peers despite being new in the profession:

When people have found parking space after hunting for nearly an hour, and have parked their bikes/cars and are about to go about their business, finally getting a chance to forget about parking-related woes, tell them that they shouldn't be parking there, and asked them to park elsewhere. Most importantly, before you tell them this, make sure that they have taken the trouble of side-locking bike, and if it's a car, ensure they have locked it, and the entire family has gotten out and has walked about 3-4 steps away from car.

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Gollum said...

What is it with you and parking? Fortunately I have not had similar problems but my pet peeve is with shopping carts and guys in the check out counter queues. Invariably I have to reckon with a seemingly innocent looking with under 5 items person just ahead of me. As he / she inch closer to the billing point, they seem to have a total recall and they would disappear for picking up additional stuff or would have picked up something on which the bar code is not visible which would make the billing staff leave her desk to check with store personnel thereby leaving me fuming and frothing.
The other damn thing which kills me is people would spend 20 minutes searching for a store card and in the end say they cannot find it leaving everyone in the queque wanting to commit homicide !!!