18 June 2007

Eye check-up

There's something seriously wrong with my eyes. I've been cutting onions quite frequently in the past one week, and I realised that of late, my eyes have not been watering while cutting them. I realized only yesterday, when I cut 5 giant onions and my eyes didn't even drip a drop.

Gotta go get them checked at a doctor's one of these days...

1 comment:

Gollum said...

Getting your eyes checked sounds good but before you invest in guide dog, bell and white cane, check if the goddamn onions were oaky. They could for all you know been a)old and stale b) refrigerated which removes their killer edge c) could have been in closed container which again supposedly saps strength of onions. d) you mastered the zen art of not letting things like onions have an effect on you.